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Benefits of facials

Facials help to maintain the health and well being of the skin, while improving tone, texture, and clarity. Each and every facial is specifically customized to suit the individuals skincare needs.

Customized Facial Starting at $75

Great for “first timer facial”, and for those just needing some skincare TLC. This facial is customized to the clients needs at hand. This treatment includes a customized cleanser, exfoliation with steam, extractions, tonic, facial massage, customized masque, hydrating eye cream, customized serum, hot towels and SPF.

Calming Facial Starting at $75
Good for those suffering from rosacea, redness and sensitivity to products or touch. This has a calming and cooling effect on the skin that will leave you refreshed and hydrated. This treatment includes an ormedic cleanser, superficial exfoliation, acupressure, cucumber mask, extractions, hydrating eye cream, ormedic serum, and SPF.


Anti Aging Facial Starting at $75
For anyone wanting to reverse time or just simply age gracefully. This will help to tighten, minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and have you walking out with a youthful glow. This treatment includes ageless total cleanser, exfoliation with steam, firming neck masque, stem cell facial masque, hot towels, firming facial massage, hydrating eye cream, ageless serum, and SPF.


Acne Facial Starting at $75
Whether it’s from hormones, stress, or luck of the draw, this will focus on correcting the acne at hand and help to prevent future breakouts. This treatment includes salicylic deep pore cleanser, exfoliation with stream, extractions, tonic, acupressure, purifying clay masque, hydrating eye cream, hot towels, acne serum, and matte SPF

Gentlemens Facial Starting at $75
Specifically tailored for the skincare needs of men. This will help to prevent ingrown hair, shaving irritation, and balance the skin. This treatment includes customized cleanser, exfoliation with steam, extractions, customized mask, facial massage, hydrating eye cream, ormedic serum, and SPF.


Happy Hour Facial Starting at $60
For those with busy schedules and constantly on the run, this will leave you showing your best face forward. (30 minutes). This treatment includes customized cleanser, exfoliation, extractions, customized masque and serum, and SPF.


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