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Cleanse with benefits

Weather you're in the mood to plump your lips, replenish the eye area, or give your face that instant glow, Perk gives you the freedom to mix and match service options. Receiving a Perk treatment is quick, refreshing, non - irritating and very effective. The best part of any of these services, is that you take home the antioxidant-filled vial used during each service to enhance your skincare routine and extend the nourishing benefits for up to 30 days.



Perk uses a unique hybrid system with roller-flex technology to gently remove dead surface skin cells and impurities while delivering vital antioxidants. Pores are gently flexed as the roller ball applies nutrients, ensuing absorption and revealing a fresh new you. Plus these compact vials go home with you, so you can continue to utilize the roller-flex technology that will keep skin nourished and radiant long after your in-office treatment.


With every new client before your first treatment, receive a complimentary 30 minute skincare consult to create a personalized regimen to get the skin of your dreams by determining what your skin type is, what treatments would best suit you, and what kind of home care routine works best with your lifestyle.

Face Service

Exfoliates with lactic acid and removes impurities with suction, while nourishing the skin with antioxidants for a clean, clear, and gorgeous glow. This ten minute in-office treatment includes a thirty day at home supply of facial serum to use morning or night after cleansing the skin. This treatment also includes a customized cleanser, extractions, acupressure, and SPF. 


Eye Service

Brightens and awakens the delicate eye area, while tightening fine lines and sagging. Reducing puffiness, and minimizing dark circles. This ten minute in-office treatment includes a thirty day at home supply of eye serum to use twice a day and two packs of eye masks.


Lip Service

Lightly plumps lips and locks in moisture to reveal a perfect pout and brings out natural lip color. A five minute in-office treatment that includes a thirty day at home supply of the lip serum and an SPF chap stick. 


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